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Character traits & breakdowns that resonate with who I am at my core 

1. The Transcendental Lover

The one whose love transcends time, space & dimension. Facing obstacles and depths unimaginable, she fights for love. Be it for her child, lover, or Humanity itself, she would succumb to death, if the only way to protect you was from beyond this realm. 


Emerald, VioletTURQUOISE, Silver

Anthony Hopkins, Meet Joe Black

Leonardo Dicaprio, Inception

Abhishek Bharate, Lion

Viggo Mortenson, Captain Fantastic

2. The Survivor 

Displaced by tragedy, she is the voiceless innocent who hides behind a mask, pretending to be someone or something else until it is safe (or she is forced) to divulge her truth. She is the one we all want to 'get out'.


Yellow, Indigo, SCARLET, Black

Natalie Portman, Closer

Matt Damon, Good Will Hunting

Eddie Marsan, Filth

Erin Richards, Gotham

3. The Timid Warrior 

In times when the masses are deep in despair, the one who, in the face of her own fears charges on, heart first. Despite being alienated and made to feel worthless and wrong for attempting to live in the fullness of who she is, she fights the good fight. Imperfect but pure in heart, she risks, and often loses, everything to ensure that she follows her calling - where good and truth prevail.



Orange, Charcoal, WHITE, Azure

Ben McKenzie, Gotham

Amy Adams, Arrival

Claire Danes, Homeland

Zach Galifianakis, Baskets

Cate Blanchett, Carol

4. The Heroine with the Forgotten       Song

Often underestimated - even by herself, she is on a quest to find her soul's lost song. She has forgotten that her song comes from the knowing that she is enough. Once she can attain self forgiveness, she can move blissfully into her light, leaving the world to contend with her power.


Lilac, HOT PINK, Raven

Angela Lewis, Snowfall

Emily Blunt, Girl on the Train

Ana Ularu, Emerald City

James McAvoy, Filth

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